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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vanilla Falls

I adore this kit by Joelle ... VANILLA FALLS ... thanks for looking, Lisa

Okay, now I am going to have a bit of a rant ... I am tiring of DST and their inability to cater to the amount of traffic that their site gets daily. I am getting to the point of leaving the site as I don't have the time or patience to sit around waiting to be granted access, let alone be able to leave comments or play their praise game. Unfortunately I guess this means that I will also have to give up being a CT member for the designers I work with which will make me very sad.

Tonight, for the first time in over a week, I posted a page at DST (and believe me I have heaps to post) ... immediately afterwards I was locked out and I am not even sure if my page loaded properly or not as I was unable to check. Prior to their problems with being hacked etc. (and I do realize this wasn't their fault) the site was still very slow 'just bearable' I guess, but now it is virtually impossible to access at all and because I have a day job and a family and a life outside of DST ..... well I guess you can work it out from there.

I know I am not a diamond member of DST but quite frankly I think $40.00 US is too expensive, especially considering I don't want the monthly kits they are offering, I barely have time to work with the kits I have now. Perhaps they could consider a reduced registration fee (without the free kits) to help with running costs etc.

While I am having this huge complain - lol ... I also have in mind that 1 hours work extra in my day job every week can 'buy me 3-4 kits so perhaps that is becoming a better option for me ... at this stage I would rather work one (1) extra hour during the day in my job than the countless hours I have been wasting trying to load pages onto DST (anyway, I think I feel a little better now. If you have even bothered to read this, thank you for listening, I will get over it you know ... hugs Lisa xx

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Jensters said...

Wow Lisa that was a big why i left DST before, it totaly winds me up and as with you, you have alot more ct layout to the moment i need a break from commiting to all that praise giving so im just doing it on blogs and enjoying my embroidery....loving yr lastest layouts....Hugs to you, Love Jen x