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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Swing Into Spring

After the way last year ended and this year has begun with the hopeless destruction caused by the floods here in Australia, I guess I needed a little bit of magic to start making things feel right again ... thank you Katherine as always for being there and for the magic you add to my life .... love my magical sister.

Here is MagicalReality's latest kit ... Swing Into Spring.
I hope you all love it as much as I do ... tfl, Lisa x

A couple of pages from me - tfl


Jensters said...

Nice to see you back my sweet friend xx

MagicalReality said...

Ohh hunny :) I am just so glad you are ok!!! I love you too magical sis! I am glad I could add some magic to your life, I am just happy that you and your family is ok. I love your pages! Regardless of all that mother nature brought your way, you still got it girl! BEAUTIFUL! You are an awesome, loving, amazing, thoughtful, strong person! Love you for that! hang in there sweetie!!!

Lys said...

you made two beautiful pages !!
hope everything now will be magical in your life !

Scrapcoco said...

Nice to see you back, sweetie !
I'm so happy to learn that you and your family are OK !